Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Trill" is DISBANDED. Long live "Van Leer"-the-band

"TRILL" (Dec. 2005-Dec. 19, 2008)is now officially DISBANDED. Its successor: "VAN LEER". As in previous bands, Lee will be assisted by other lead and b.u. vocalists who will also play instruments. ~ The debut performance will either be at The Black Swan or The Ice House. It'll be a 2 or 3-band Event and IT WILL ROCK! ~ Keep watching HERE or at the Van Leer web site for details! We repeat: TRILL is disbanded! Long live VAN LEER!
NOTE: A long-time friend and follower of my bands asked me if "Van Leer" was supposed to be the successor to "Trill" and I replied that Van Leer-the-band is the successor to (Canadian) Thunderland -- a 'voyald' of difference! Please visit and you'll immediately understand. For example, one of the superb guitarists heard on T'land's MySpace page is Andy Ray Fong, who is recording and stand-by guitarist for "Van Leer". The several alternating Van Leer drummers are Scott Aube' a/k/a Scott Sharp, John W. and Jimmy Cannon, none of whom ever played in "Trill", so there!