Saturday, June 16, 2012


Liquid laundry detergent Lestoil was taken off the market when it BLEW UP a
couple of washing machines. ~~ NSAID Advil is NOT made from grapes. ~~ Wine is made from grapes, whine is not. ~~ The peanut is not a nut. It's a bean, sort-of,
which grows on a vine. ~~ Does the grey squoil have a favorite nut? ~~ Taxidermy
has nothing to do with grapes regardless of what the taxidermist eats. ~~ The tomato is a fruit which grows on a vine. ~~ Holly Woodenvine? Nah, just drop me off at the corner of N. Gower, thank you. ~~ Respect the Lake Hollywood Reservoir.
Voir dos de la boite? ~~ Tirez sur la ligne whatsis, SVP. ~~ Butch Annistock: a real
person? ~~ Does this communique now tr                                                                            
Sergeant, we KNOW the 3-tone car's not a Chrysler. Its fins are too small. [Xrcise
xtreme caution. It may be booby-trapped!]  Yes ,Sir!   [I think we should recon what's beyond those trees, men. Our sensors detect more 'vintage tin'.] ~~ Do any
of u readers know what the description "inclined and overhanging" refers to?
Winner will rcv. a date or a fig with Lee Van Leer.                                                           


Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hinges are DISBANDED!

Mike and  John discovered that there were several other bands bearing that name. ~~
Long live ALCOHOLIC VOLUME, Which is Mike Murphy, gtr. and vocals,John W., drums, Billy D. on bass and vocals, and sometimes Lee Van Leer, organ, gtr. and vocals. We expect to be a most capable successor to The Hinges. Gigs will commence in venues larger than the Brigadoon, commencing in July. ~~ Alcoholic Volume -- now there's a really distinctive band name!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

IMPORTANT! See text body below.

E-mail contact point for potential live music venues is near the bottom of this website.


"kid from nowhere", Gary Gaines, wrote a script... and I LOVE IT and its working title "Toy Piano Meets The Mechanical Singing Birds From Bloody
'ell". And, IMHO, that "desert" set with the "creepy sports car" is priceless! I've seen stills of several other locations, and they exude the same level of "wha??" 
'Stay tuned' to Lee's Blog, friends and followers.

Monday, June 11, 2012

SWAN SONG!! White Swan @ 836B Danforth Ave. CLOSED 4EVER!!

'Twas (sometimes) fun while it lasted. ~~ Now we (3 bands) are seeking a mid-week venue in which to stage weekly Events. ~~ Venue must be in area bounded by mid-
Scarb', Eglinton Ave. E., Don River & N. shore of Lake Ontario. If you know of such a venue, pls. contact , thank you. ~~ Contact point:

Monday, June 4, 2012

[a sidebar re: the indie film I'm NOT in.]

Hold this shot for 8 seconds, then cut to the mechanical singing birds. THEN it gets creepier! (Who knew that automatons could slither?)

My possible return to the big screen? Uh, NOT!

This week I'm auditioning for a role in an indie film whose working title is TOY PIANO MEETS THE MECHANICAL SINGING BIRDS FROM BLOODY 'ELL. I hope they
keep the title -- it drew me to the project in the first place. It includes several bizarre sub-plots, one of which... <><><><>UPDATE!! <> JUNE 21st UPDATE!!  I
DIDN'T get the part. S'cool, though -- it went  to another 'rugged-looking older guy'
with a LOT more film experience than I. ~~ Probably just as well, considering
the huge pile of  stuff  on my plate in July & Aug. incl. dental appointments (shudder) & other stuff, much of it quite un-glamorous. ~~ Friends & followers,
be safe, be well, and have a GREAT summer!                                                                                              

Sunday, June 3, 2012

My focus:

Regrettably, I'm FAR out of condition for gymnastics, SO, I'll put my whole heart & soul into MUSIC.