Thursday, November 8, 2012

Destiny awaits.

The abandoned Peckerd-Beniskowski house at the corner of Dundalk & Cow. This is a true mansion due to the presence of a music room w/ typical overlooking balcony. In the music room we found a Bell upright grand piano and a 30A Leslie
with its companion Hammond organ long gone. We also found a classical music
event program autographed by Rudolf Serkin -- I wonder what that's worth? Joyously the piano & Leslie have been unmolested by vandals (or Visigoths for that matter). Curiously the 2nd floor is completely devoid of furnishings -- duhh, gawrsh, Mickey! In a carriage-house-type outbuilding, there's a gas pump of the old type with the cylindrical glass portion and a "pit" for the servicing of cars from
underneath. Surprisingly, a  couple of wire-spoke wheels are still present (without
tires). Ford? Maybe, but probably not, or they'd be gone. The fact that tree cover
makes the house invisible from the road for most of the year has probably saved it from depredation.