Monday, January 11, 2010

Jan.9 @ Alpine Htl. was Different & Excellent!

We had advt. this event as a "The Muddy Guys" gig, but due to circumstanza beyond my (LVL) control, we instead hastily assembled a variant of VanLeertheband which included Rick Lintlop (ex New Regime bassist), drums ~ impressive, melodic Grant
Crawford on gtr. ~ bassists were Peter Benn & Alex A ~ Peter also sang & played rhythm gtr. (and one nice lead!) We vocalists were in FINE voice, and we did one long set of "classics" and originals, then a short set feat. Peter's lead vocals near-exclusively w/ Alex A on bass. Everything gelled SUPERBLY and we won some new
fans who bought LVL "Thumbs Up!" CDs. ~ All musicians present including Ryan L., Joe, "big" Eric, 2nd set drummer Al, and others not named here were MOST helpful w.
set-up, tear-down and sound reinforcement. Thanks SO MUCH, guys! ~ I was invited to stay for Mrs. L's birthday party, to be fed & hear 2 great bands (one of them college-age)but a red fruit drink I started to ingest after Set 2 set my hernia off into Severe Pain mode so I left, personal gear & all with my friends Pete Aube' &
son "Scott Sharp" who refused to accept expense money that I offered. ~ Some of my
friends frequently spoil me 4sure, LOL! ~ Spl. thanks to my dear Sa---, who sent 5
of the "new fans" my way. BTW, my pain subsided by 9:45 and I was able to "resume
normal life". ~ I'm posting this entry from Oakville ON where I'm visiting family -- always a pleasure.