Sunday, December 27, 2009

In this post I compare 2 teen girl metal gtr. queens...

...who reside an ocean apart. ~ In Connecticut, U.S.A. Desiree' Bassett -- Technically facile player who also sings well. Has no grasp of what gtr. TONE should be -- has a too-dirty, scooped mids sound like 300 other shred-oom. Does not grasp the ideal feel of The Blues (witness her sit-in w/ Marshall Tucker Band in her home
area.) Des' should listen to: Red House - J. Hendrix
Paul Gilbert, a "shredder" who really understands
The Blues AND tone
Lee Van Leer - Roll On Through The Night
In Britain, Jacqueline Mannering, who has that awesome M. Schenker-Tom Scholz-Wolf
Hoffman tone (lots of 800 Hz mid and a clear "singing" quality to every note) especially with her SG Standard. All Jacqueline needs is intensive time with a vocal coach and she'll leave Ms. Bassett choking in the dust. Chk. out J.M.'s Jet To Jet
(Alcatrazz) and Crazy Train (Ozzy) covers on YouTube and become a fan!
Excuse me now while I go enjoy the above 2 vids to start my day RIGHT, before spending the rest of the day & night with The Special One. ~ Have a great Boxing Week -- Don't get Boxed In!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'd like to see a post labelled"!&<^>&!"

But the Blogscape doesn't permit that. ~ In Mar. 2010 (or whenever), please find me a Yamaha PS-55, PC-1000 or PS-35 in proper working order. These are digital preset synths of the '80s (home keyboards, predecessor to PSR series). I have a distressed
PS-55, but want a GOOD'UN! I won't pay much, pref. $80 or less... they're NOT collectible, but I LIKE 'EM!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Random bleats & blurts, 2009-10-26.

Upon graduating from high school and enrolling in a college drama course, Ms. Carmen
Diaz adopted the first name CAMERON to be distinctive and unforgettable. She certainly is! View her new film "The Box". Crafty Cordell's snagging us TKTS! ~ Chk. out "Shop Talk" by Cold Blood on YouTube & get in a Right Mood! ~ C U at Danny Green's on Thurs. evgs. starting June 24 (emperor Kwong-tse's birthday.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A truth about me, LVL, RE: time management.

I'm NOT v. good at it, especially in recent years. How that affects "Lee's Blog" is
that some entries that I want to post, well, they're on my mind & even writn of on papers or in a jrnl rt. near this keyboard, yet it can take up to 10 days or so for them to be posted. ~~ I've lrnd by recent, bitr experience that I must NEVER compose
an email OR post a Blog entry if I'm tired or not yet fully mentally awake. By that I
mean, 4example, if I rise up at 8:30 a.m., I won't be "runn'g on all 8 cylinders" brainwise, 'til 12:30 p.m. ~~~~ I've always detested the taste of coffee and I choose
not to use any other types of stimulants, legal or o'wise. ~~~~ I always used to say as a youth, "I LOVE waking up to an empty house!" (tho' I can adapt nicely when living with The Right Woman.) SO, those of you who've bn entrusted w/ my "Very Secret" home
'phone # know that 1) you are not2call B4 noon, and 2) if I've had a really late nt.,
the 'phone's ringer will be OFF 'til I feel rdy to deal directly w/ incoming callers.
Two silly nicknames that I'll accept w'out glare or growl wl therefore be, "Boris
Ringeroff" and "Les Keystrokes".

Saturday, September 5, 2009

My primitive computer keyb'd. & its limitations.

My comp' kbd. doesn't DO accents like aigu, grave, circonflexe or the sedilla SO I'm frustrated and somewhat embarrased at having to position a "'" instead of an
acccent aigu on words like resume' (REZ-oo-may) and fine surnames like Cote' (CoTAY), Aube' (o-BAY) and Larive'e. Darn! Maybe even DAMN!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Does your band/venue feature V. Special Guests?

Engage Lee Van Leer for The Voice (falsetto still intact!), the Magic Thumb guitar,
plus, plus. ~ Mid -'60s style R&B, Classiq Rock, melodic hard rock and, as always, The Blues. Selections of pre -'73 Country Gold, too.
``` `````
Please visit:, (The Van Leer website) It might LURE you to contact "" [Spam will be ignored & swiftly deleted.]
Music is essential! (LVL) ~ Without music, life is a journey through a desert. (Pat

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Trill" is DISBANDED. Long live "Van Leer"-the-band

"TRILL" (Dec. 2005-Dec. 19, 2008)is now officially DISBANDED. Its successor: "VAN LEER". As in previous bands, Lee will be assisted by other lead and b.u. vocalists who will also play instruments. ~ The debut performance will either be at The Black Swan or The Ice House. It'll be a 2 or 3-band Event and IT WILL ROCK! ~ Keep watching HERE or at the Van Leer web site for details! We repeat: TRILL is disbanded! Long live VAN LEER!
NOTE: A long-time friend and follower of my bands asked me if "Van Leer" was supposed to be the successor to "Trill" and I replied that Van Leer-the-band is the successor to (Canadian) Thunderland -- a 'voyald' of difference! Please visit and you'll immediately understand. For example, one of the superb guitarists heard on T'land's MySpace page is Andy Ray Fong, who is recording and stand-by guitarist for "Van Leer". The several alternating Van Leer drummers are Scott Aube' a/k/a Scott Sharp, John W. and Jimmy Cannon, none of whom ever played in "Trill", so there!