Sunday, December 27, 2009

In this post I compare 2 teen girl metal gtr. queens...

...who reside an ocean apart. ~ In Connecticut, U.S.A. Desiree' Bassett -- Technically facile player who also sings well. Has no grasp of what gtr. TONE should be -- has a too-dirty, scooped mids sound like 300 other shred-oom. Does not grasp the ideal feel of The Blues (witness her sit-in w/ Marshall Tucker Band in her home
area.) Des' should listen to: Red House - J. Hendrix
Paul Gilbert, a "shredder" who really understands
The Blues AND tone
Lee Van Leer - Roll On Through The Night
In Britain, Jacqueline Mannering, who has that awesome M. Schenker-Tom Scholz-Wolf
Hoffman tone (lots of 800 Hz mid and a clear "singing" quality to every note) especially with her SG Standard. All Jacqueline needs is intensive time with a vocal coach and she'll leave Ms. Bassett choking in the dust. Chk. out J.M.'s Jet To Jet
(Alcatrazz) and Crazy Train (Ozzy) covers on YouTube and become a fan!
Excuse me now while I go enjoy the above 2 vids to start my day RIGHT, before spending the rest of the day & night with The Special One. ~ Have a great Boxing Week -- Don't get Boxed In!