Sunday, June 29, 2014

In 1963 a Minnesota group "The Trashmen" released a TERRIBLE-sounding record...

..."Surfin' Bird"/"Bird's The Word" but actually, The Trashmen were a quite decent band with fine vocal harmony: just listen to their "Bird Dance Beat" and their "non-Bird" recordings like "Roll Over, Beethoven" -- they're right on! ~ Yes, Virginia, their lead guitarist played a Fender Jaguar, like J. Mascis, Johnny Marr and Lee Van Leer!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The "longest day" cane and went.

I'm waiting, a mite impatiently, for SWIMMING WEATHER!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

"Space alien" serial killer tried in closed court.

 The alien, who calls himself "Oyo Fernandes" as his birth name is unpronounceable to humans, hails from "a rough district in Zeta Reticuli". The trial proceeds before a judge and a jury comprised of ten humans and two Zeta Reticulans.  ~~  I knew that some day it might come to this. ~
Trial details are being closely followed and reported on by KUKU-TV, Willow Springs, MO. ~ The attached picture shows a shape that Fernandes sometimes assumed to lure victims.

Friday, June 20, 2014

From along The Lincoln Highway, THE FAB GRABLINS!!

or did
we get that caption wrong?

Record deal signed?

  Today I signed an imaginary contract with an imaginary label named "Rart". I got what I asked4 -- 30 cents per unit sold. I guess we'll move a few hundred discs per year. Greater revenue will come from Downloads from CD Baby.  ~~  I used to date Del Casher's niece. During that time, Ray Butts gave me a detailed demo of his Ecco-Fonic. Can u say "tape hiss"? Next up:
"oil can delay".
U under-60s may not know what that is.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Van Leer-the-band's Sat., June 7th at Wild Wing, 2252 Queen St E. was a BIG SUCCESS!

At least 70 people came to Wild Wing 'Beaches', some loyal followers, + we made some NEW  fans and friends.  Venue mgmt. wants us back SATURDAY, JUNE 28th,  so keep watching here AND in the "white rectangle" for "specifics".

Wherezit?, why, 10 doors East of Beech Ave. (in the same block as the Fox Theatre.)
A very diverse menu, thank goodness! (Not just '50 flavours of chicken wings'.)  ~~  Washroom access? Basement, but friendly and courteous
servers Christina and Alissa assured me that my friend who's presently
using a "walker" will be assisted by one of them down and up the stairs. ~~
PARKING regulations and restrictions are as follows:
  The 2250 block of Queen E. (between Beech and Willow Aves.) is pay-to-park (the 'show your Receipt Tkt. on the dashboard' bit) EVEN on
Sats. 8 am to 9 pm, [Sundays 1 pm to 9 pm] ~ $2.25 per hour, 3 hour max.,
and I've been informed that parking is frequently monitored and RIGIDLY ENFORCED!! ~ Parking on Willow Ave. is by Permit only at all times, whereas
on Beech Ave. parking is 'open' until the 12:01 a.m midnight 'til 9:00 am
period. The streets running South of Queen (to the lake) I haven't chk'd, but
suspect a lot of "by Permit only"  ~~   NOW let's tell u of the
HAPPY STUFF: the musical Event details!  This was another Beaches Blues Fest and Danforth Music Festival "Spring Fling" so there were
 five fine Ontario bands offering blues, blues-rock and mid-60s-style
R & B , including original material. This is PARTY MUSIC!  ~~  While the advertised "start time" was 8 pm, there was even a band playing from 6:45 p.m. ~~
 Van Leer-the-band  took the stage starting at
 9:15 pm for a full eleven-song set, as promised.  ~~  BTW, on June 1st I
enjoyed a delicious! meal and courteous, personable service from server Christina, and on gig night , another delicious meal right after our performance.  ~~  Despite the logistical (parking) awkwardness and the fact that I had to set up on the 'wrong' side of the stage, I look forward
to playing Wild Wing 'Beaches' again (on Sat. June 28th.  ~~  Yours In Music,  Lee Van Leer.