Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Please 'RE-VISIT' June 25, 2013 Post RE: Van Leer Logo Anniversary UPDATE!

Thank you!  ~~ Lee, Wayne M., Guitar G, Benny P. Sanders (core members of  Van Leer-the-band.) ~ BTW, the Jillard guitar and case are for sale @ $799.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Big ups to Mr. Pat Rush for making my 'spare gtr.' really playable!

Also big thanks to Richard Fathers, mgr. of L and M Bloor Elec. Gtrs. Dept., for rendering the previously !distressed! instrument more affordable. I am content. ~ Gtr., BTW, is an Indonesian-made Squier Mustang. My love affair w/ short-scale (24") solid-bodies (and the Offset-Waist design) began with the
gtr. u c in the pic   John F. "before he was Lee" 1972! elsewhere on this website. ~~ Now for some fantasy and silliness: BANDS I HOPE2 RECORD WITH: Rhee Psycho and The Bloobins // The Fischel Bros. (Benny and Artie) // Jimi's Ghost  // Carmine MeRandy ~~ Brethren and Cistern, u can't go 2far wrong if your guitar's neck is made of MAPLE -- Leo Fender knew that!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Van Leer "Sawing Through Bone" recording project: PROGRESS REPORT.

GUITAR tracks are starting 2B added to the mix, ALL of them utilizing the
Jillard Lee Van Leer Custom guitar and 1980 Peavey Standard amp head, my
"Magical Combination"! The spkr. cab? NOT utilizing a Peavey Black Widow 15" as per usual, but a vintage 12" of "secret identity"! ~ On board, "committed to participate" are drummers Benny P. Sanders and Wayne Orgill,
guitarist/bassists Doug Virgin and Wayne Munzy and guitarist "Guitar G".
  Lead and b.u. vocals: yours truly, plus b.u. vocals from Benny, Doug and possibly some from the other players.  ~~  Other crucial instruments used
besides the above-mentioned and a (year 2000?) Ludwig drum kit is a
 (glorious!) Lakland bass.  The Hammond Organ-like tones come from a Korg M1 and my !essential! Yamaha DX21, which I've owned for TWENTY-TWO YEARS, and which I've used on every recording I've played on since 1993.  (Time flies when you're having fun!!)  ~~ Yes, Virginia (and other very interested parties) I, Lee Van Leer, will play guitar on at least 2 of the 15 tracks 4sure! ~~ The track list: one instrumental and fourteen SONGS. Several songs were written in 2011 and 2013, but many date back to the band "Trill" and B4 that, "Lee Van Leer and the Nouns" and "Party, Unlimited"  FINALLY making their CD debut! ~ Release date? hopefully in
time for the earliest of Christmas shoppers and even the 'Autumn sales push'. Can't afford a new car? DON'T WANT a new car? Buy yourself some
NEW MUSIC, my friends! ~ Yours in Music, Lee Van Leer.