Monday, August 19, 2013

Big ups to Mr. Pat Rush for making my 'spare gtr.' really playable!

Also big thanks to Richard Fathers, mgr. of L and M Bloor Elec. Gtrs. Dept., for rendering the previously !distressed! instrument more affordable. I am content. ~ Gtr., BTW, is an Indonesian-made Squier Mustang. My love affair w/ short-scale (24") solid-bodies (and the Offset-Waist design) began with the
gtr. u c in the pic   John F. "before he was Lee" 1972! elsewhere on this website. ~~ Now for some fantasy and silliness: BANDS I HOPE2 RECORD WITH: Rhee Psycho and The Bloobins // The Fischel Bros. (Benny and Artie) // Jimi's Ghost  // Carmine MeRandy ~~ Brethren and Cistern, u can't go 2far wrong if your guitar's neck is made of MAPLE -- Leo Fender knew that!

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  1. May I comment 2myself? G'day, Lee here! Squier Mustang got its
    first "overnite oil treatment", which is for guitars w/ Rosewood
    fretboards. Here's how 2make rosewood feel as smooth as EBONY:
    ~ when U R about to change the strings, clean the board & old strings thoroughly, then apply and rub in heavy USP grade Mineral Oil. Let the gtr. lie flat, strings-up overnite -- the longer the better!
    B4 changing the strings, wipe off all the excess oil w/ a lint-free cloth, including any which may have spread to the back of the neck.
    ~ Now change your strings in the usual recommended manner (one at a time.) Result: Starting 2feel like lovely ebony already, isn't it? ~ If u r a pro touring guy who changes strings once a week or more often, u need only do the "overnite oil treatment once every 3 or 4 weeks. It's worked A1 4me on my Jags, Les
    Paul Juniors, Hamers and various others over the years -- try
    it! ~~ Yours in Music, Lee Van Leer