Friday, March 30, 2012

I want Page Not Found and About: Blank to get 2gether...

...and form a really kick-ass band! Sorta like The Quireboys/Hustler/ v. early Rod Stewart & the Faces -- the way Henchpeck & the Magnatones ought to sound! R YOU also hoping 4this2 hapn? LET'S

Saturday, March 17, 2012

In the beginning there was, like, NOTHING...

...and God thought, "this is Inadequate", and said "Let there be Light" and, yo, there WAS Light.
God said, "Well! Now we know what Nothingness looks like!"

Friday, March 16, 2012

"Jill", my Jillard 'Lee Van Leer Custom' gtr. & case.

Blonde is good. More about this beauty in a 2011-10-13 post. Thanks for viewing or Following "Lee's Blog".

Aha! Lee & Sandy, affectionate & happy, caught on camera!

(by Carol L. Cain). Sherri R., on the other hand, forbids me to post pics of her/us in "public
places", so I DON'T.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

THIS is the organ timbre I emulate with my modded, Peavey-powered Leslies.

What are these 5'
tall walnut furniture pictured here? some of you may ask. Well, I reply, from 1949, MAYBE earlier,
Leslie (organ speaker) cabinets looked like THIS 'til 1958 ('til '60 by spl. order only) and YES, I
used to OWN one. I even-traded my 1st Leslie (a 22H whose amp didn't work) for one of these "tallboy" beauties and modded it so it wd come apart in 2 pcs. for transport uprt. in vans & big
stn. wagons (& a Chevy BelAir w/ back seat removed!). I DIDN'T "chop" it -- only FOOLS who don't
understand the TRUE PURPOSE of these [model 31H] Leslie cabs "chop" their overall height. ~ Digression: the purpose of a Schnauzer is to schnauze -- that is, to retrieve ducks. The PURPOSE of
the 31H Leslie cab is to have a HUGE, FULL bass sound alongside the xpected "screaming" treble. ~
Don Leslie, founder of Electro Music and inventor of the organ tone cabinets which bear his name
always said that his fave model of all time was the 31H (and presum' the rare-by-comparison 31W).
TO HEAR 'EM IS2 UNDERSTAND and LOVE 'EM! ~ MY 31H had a type II (30W RMS) amp & was hooked up to
the Hammond BC which I sold to Josef "Joey" Chirowski (The 5 Rogues, Mandala [?], Crowbar) That was the 1st of my 5 Hammonds. ~ GO! on the 'net & learn more about the model 31H Leslie and its
(kinda weird) predecessor, 30A (also 5' tall). ~ By using Leslies w/ upgraded spkr. components
powered by bass or gtr. amp heads, I've been able to make non-Hammond organs & SOME kbd. synths
SOUND LIKE an old Hammond thru a 31H. Can you say "in CHURCH!" and "early jazz organ combo
recordings"? Sacred! Glorious! TONE!!