Monday, October 25, 2010

PLEASE visit Myspace music - Thunderland

Proud of the logo that I designed. Proud of the music we made when we were 4 & 5-pc. ~ Dear friend Andy Ray Fong was occas. 5th member, like on "Crossroads" -- Please listen. You WILL enjoy! Can Lee Van Leer design band logos? [see also VanLeer & Trill] Does Bigfoot rule the woods? ...


... that Toronto, ON, ca municipal election enjoyed a 50% voter turnout, the largest
in the 10 yrs. of the Amalgamuddle (TM Appl. For).
... that longtime Councillor Sandra Bussin was soundly turfed out on her rump & Mary-Margaret McMahon, who facially resembles somone I used2 see on SNL
or somesuch. She'll hopefully teach Mayor-elect Rob Ford to be greener. It'll be fun 2 watch. ~ I'm NOT delighted that Frances Nunziata is still in office.
I'm delighted that my Councillor is still Adrian Heaps. ~ 'nuf politix. ~ I'm delighted...

Friday, October 8, 2010

And now, an Ad for 2 fine musical products:

Stringtreat, the best instrument string life-extender yet, and Belltone Strings, which I now use instead of my longtime fave GHS Boomers & my "backup" Dean Markley's.
Please visit & chk it all out incl. links to, and through,
Haley's Strings. It's as good as the tunes on this (VanLeer) website. (Pls xcuse blatant self-promotion, LOL! I AM proud of our "Thumbs Up!" CD.) ~ Watch for news
of way cool charity benefit shows at a BIG venue in Mississauga.