Sunday, April 27, 2014

We welcome the Triple C!

Talkin' 'bout the Cuckoo Clox Clan, a non-racist, all faiths+ atheists welcome
li'l group interested in collecting and restoring mechanical (non-electric) clocks with wood cabinetry -- from the "Grandfather" models right down to the Mini Mantel (no relation to Mickey Mantle). ~~  2nd attached jpg shows the rear view of Don Leslie's Grand MOTHER clock. 1st jpg is inappropriate
and otter bee deleted (we're NOT delighted).
  For further info pls contact club Secretary Nadia Bozinoff at (818) 555-2155.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Time Well Wasted:

1) "Properly Silly" quoits variant:
The quoits thrown shall be toilet seats, 'full round', NOT open front.
Players using traditional WOODEN seats/quoits will rcv. one extra point for each successful throw. "Hob" or target (pole) shall be a parking meter and players must stand 21' from the Hob.
  Properly Silly  quoits shall be played at a time of day when NO CARS are parked at the nearest two hobs (parking meters).
  Scoring: encircle hob w/ quoit: 4 points.
                 "leaner": 3 points
                 closest to the hob: 1 point, ONLY if there are no encircles or
                 leaners during a round.
                 Having sexual intercourse (vaginal penetration) with an opposing
player's partner or companion: twenty points.
  Properly silly! Let's go play!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wao! Easter falling on 4/20!

Some of our friends r going 2B in an 'ALTERED STATE', no doubt.  ~~  I'll be straight and 'laid back'. I think I'll do a small laundry -- our laundry room will be deserted!  ~~  Mon. & Tues. Sherri & I will head for Undisclosed Location
where we expect to have mucho fun!!  ~~  Again, have a 'nicey' Easter, Passover or
Yes, we'll be near a body of water, but we'll have to dress a li'l warmer than in the attached photo, (alas).

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Happy Easter, friends, fans & followers! NEXT MULTI-BAND EVENT@ Melange will be..

SATURDAY, JUNE 7th, 2014 -- WELL WORTH WAITING FOR, and DESERVING OF THIS BOLD UPPER-CASE TEXT!!   ``   Start time 7:10 p.m.   ~~   Bonnie Elvis & Johnny Jensen on @ 8 p.m.   ~~  Van Leer-the-band take the stage @ NINE p.m.  for a full 50-minute  set.  ~~  Arrive early for beat seating.  ~~   Always good food!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014