Sunday, April 27, 2014

We welcome the Triple C!

Talkin' 'bout the Cuckoo Clox Clan, a non-racist, all faiths+ atheists welcome
li'l group interested in collecting and restoring mechanical (non-electric) clocks with wood cabinetry -- from the "Grandfather" models right down to the Mini Mantel (no relation to Mickey Mantle). ~~  2nd attached jpg shows the rear view of Don Leslie's Grand MOTHER clock. 1st jpg is inappropriate
and otter bee deleted (we're NOT delighted).
  For further info pls contact club Secretary Nadia Bozinoff at (818) 555-2155.


  1. I'm supposed to choose between Gyogyszertar or Romliu,
    but I think that I'd REALLY prefer a Fiat 126!