Monday, July 29, 2013

The recording sessions are going REALLY WELL...

...and we haven't even brought in the live drummer(s) yet, OR the guitars.
~ Bassists are Doug Virgin and myself ~ Guitar: Andy Ray Fong?, you ask -- Well, Andy and
Debbie have moved to the Bobcaygeon area and are rarely seen down here on weekdays, which is when the tracks have been laid down thus far.
  We're re-issuing "Grown To Love You" and our much-loved 'soul ballad'
"A Love To Last A Lifetime Long" bcuz they truly do deserve another crack at the market. ~ One song and an instrumental are from an earlier recording that was never released, but everything else being laid down is as fresh as the raspberries in Mom's back yard! ~ The disc will contain FIFTEEN tunes and yes, they'll fit on a CD bcuz 3 tunes so far clock in around the two minute mark -- perfect for slipping in a radio playlist B4 a station break! ~ We'll be introducing some of the new songs at a 5-band Event at Melange Saturday, Sept. 7th. Hint: BE THERE or miss some Sirius musical FUN!