Saturday, December 24, 2011

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Just a reminder, in August 2011, the Lee Van Leer triangular Logo celebrated its 26th "Birthday".

The Roland JX3P kbd. synthesizer.

SOME people are total masters of this unique instrument, programming it (even "on the fly") with the
highly sought-after PG-200 Programmer. I've owned four JX3P's, never tried to own a PG-200. I declare myself a master of this instrument using just the factory voices and some programmed by a previous owner. I just LUV the way its controls are laid out! ~ Roland JX3P and Yamaha PS-55 are,
and will remain, my STAGE keyboards. I own a Hammond drawbar organ (my home kbd.), and have recorded
with my Yamaha DX-21, a Hammond CV, an A-100 and an M
and yes, Virginia, I DO play my JX3P thru a Leslie -- hear it in "The Soul Instigators" and "Van
Leer-the-band". ~ Happy Holidays to all. Be safe. Be well. ~ To learn MUCH
about Roland JX3P, pls view www(dot)vintagesynthexplorer(dot)com -- klik on Roland, then scroll down
to, then klik on, JX3P. Mfd. betw' 1983-1985, they're still in demand!