Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Roland JX3P kbd. synthesizer.

SOME people are total masters of this unique instrument, programming it (even "on the fly") with the
highly sought-after PG-200 Programmer. I've owned four JX3P's, never tried to own a PG-200. I declare myself a master of this instrument using just the factory voices and some programmed by a previous owner. I just LUV the way its controls are laid out! ~ Roland JX3P and Yamaha PS-55 are,
and will remain, my STAGE keyboards. I own a Hammond drawbar organ (my home kbd.), and have recorded
with my Yamaha DX-21, a Hammond CV, an A-100 and an M
and yes, Virginia, I DO play my JX3P thru a Leslie -- hear it in "The Soul Instigators" and "Van
Leer-the-band". ~ Happy Holidays to all. Be safe. Be well. ~ To learn MUCH
about Roland JX3P, pls view www(dot)vintagesynthexplorer(dot)com -- klik on Roland, then scroll down
to, then klik on, JX3P. Mfd. betw' 1983-1985, they're still in demand!

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