Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hey! 5 LIVE BANDS on Hwy. #5. Come on out and catch them LIVE!

On Hallowe'en,Wed.  Oct. 31st! Come to WiseGuys, Danforth Ave. @ Patricia Ave. near the Honda dealership. FIVE bands, starting @ 7: p.m. ~ VAN LEER will take the stage at 9: p.m. w/ organ, guitar, bass and drums  with THREE lead vocalists  -- howzat for
a band?! R U Red-E turoq? ~ CDs will be available (autographed!) for $12 ea.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012


An adventurous explorer who wishes to remain nameless discovered the body parts this morning while hiking around the Lake Ontario shoreline. Body parts seen were a passenger side front door and a trunk lid, believed to be from a '53 or '54 Chevrolet. Local police "aren't very interested", saying that several  years ago a nearly complete automobile was found at the same site. Oh, well.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Today,for only the 2nd time in MANY MONTHS, I played my Jillard Custom guitar

I played pretty well, despite arthritis in the base of both my thumbs. I think that I'll try to play more often.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Song? [Random observations + birdcalls.]

When I first heard "Smooth Criminal" by (chirp) Alien Ant Farm, I had (caw) NO IDEA that it was a (kluk) Michael Jackson tune. When I DID hear the orig. (kwak)
recording, I still preferred (honk) the AAF cover which, BTW, I've (kuku) recently
Bookmarked. [Can I insert an (eagle scream) in here?] Annie, you're O.K.! ~ Did
[insert Van Leer-the-band member's name here] ever date Katie Bryan? A film actress of modest success, Katie. I think she went on to work in a Burger King...
...or did I make that up 2B snide bcuz Katie wouldn't date ME? Katie dismissed me as "too big, too ugly, too old". Damn! [Add 4 of your best birdcalls here:] (   ) (   ) (   )
(   ) Don't be (cheep). Man, those '51-'53 Hudson Hornets surely were FAST! ~ Does
anyone know what sounds a cormorant makes? The cormorant was the bird depicted for years by the graceful Packard hood ornament. Bird's the word!
  The above pic only shows 2/3 of my Peavey backline -- There's also a Peavey-
powered (modded) Leslie. Will u be Red-E Turoq on Sat. Sept. 29th at The Grover?
There's bound 2B some Peavey Power there! Peavey Black Widow speakers RULE!