Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Song? [Random observations + birdcalls.]

When I first heard "Smooth Criminal" by (chirp) Alien Ant Farm, I had (caw) NO IDEA that it was a (kluk) Michael Jackson tune. When I DID hear the orig. (kwak)
recording, I still preferred (honk) the AAF cover which, BTW, I've (kuku) recently
Bookmarked. [Can I insert an (eagle scream) in here?] Annie, you're O.K.! ~ Did
[insert Van Leer-the-band member's name here] ever date Katie Bryan? A film actress of modest success, Katie. I think she went on to work in a Burger King...
...or did I make that up 2B snide bcuz Katie wouldn't date ME? Katie dismissed me as "too big, too ugly, too old". Damn! [Add 4 of your best birdcalls here:] (   ) (   ) (   )
(   ) Don't be (cheep). Man, those '51-'53 Hudson Hornets surely were FAST! ~ Does
anyone know what sounds a cormorant makes? The cormorant was the bird depicted for years by the graceful Packard hood ornament. Bird's the word!
  The above pic only shows 2/3 of my Peavey backline -- There's also a Peavey-
powered (modded) Leslie. Will u be Red-E Turoq on Sat. Sept. 29th at The Grover?
There's bound 2B some Peavey Power there! Peavey Black Widow speakers RULE!

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