Monday, March 28, 2011

Wed. Mar. 23 party was XLENT.

Several joyous reunions, + I made a new friend, film & video editor Eamonn O'Connor.
Next topic: My custom gtr. #1 from is ALMOST READY & could/should be in my hands April 5th, Jason Jillard's birthday. ~ Pls. enjoy the attached pic -- 24 1/2" scale slender neck, over-width @ nut, dazzling in its whiteness! ~ SBe well, friends, fans & followers!

Wed. Mar.23 party was XLENT!!

Several joyous reunions, + made a new friend , Editor Eamonn O'Connor. Xcuse me as I
make a wild topical jump to and the latest pic of my "almost
ready" Jillard gtr. #1. It could/should be in my hands on or soon after Jason Jillard's birthday, April 5th. ~~ "Be well, my friends, fans & followers!", said Lee.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wed. Mar. 22 from 8ish p.m. Where I'll be:

The Wrap Party for the 3 1-hour episode mini-series on Bravo Channel -- 2nite's the final episode @ 10 p.m. It started Mon. Mar. 21 -- Its title: "Yonge Street: Toronto Rock & Roll Stories" & I'm a participant, as was John Kay, David Wilcox,
John Finley, Bobby Dean Blackburn, Richie York, & no doubt others ~ I'm just rushing
now to pkg. 5 copies of the "Van Leer" CD "Thumbs Up", then brave the snow to getto the event. ~ I hope not to stay late as I have MUCH going on in my life lately.
I will try to post a follow-up soon. Be well, friends, fans & followers! ~ I must quickly 'phone family & remind them to watch. ~ Post 2U later . Lee