Saturday, June 16, 2012


Liquid laundry detergent Lestoil was taken off the market when it BLEW UP a
couple of washing machines. ~~ NSAID Advil is NOT made from grapes. ~~ Wine is made from grapes, whine is not. ~~ The peanut is not a nut. It's a bean, sort-of,
which grows on a vine. ~~ Does the grey squoil have a favorite nut? ~~ Taxidermy
has nothing to do with grapes regardless of what the taxidermist eats. ~~ The tomato is a fruit which grows on a vine. ~~ Holly Woodenvine? Nah, just drop me off at the corner of N. Gower, thank you. ~~ Respect the Lake Hollywood Reservoir.
Voir dos de la boite? ~~ Tirez sur la ligne whatsis, SVP. ~~ Butch Annistock: a real
person? ~~ Does this communique now tr                                                                            
Sergeant, we KNOW the 3-tone car's not a Chrysler. Its fins are too small. [Xrcise
xtreme caution. It may be booby-trapped!]  Yes ,Sir!   [I think we should recon what's beyond those trees, men. Our sensors detect more 'vintage tin'.] ~~ Do any
of u readers know what the description "inclined and overhanging" refers to?
Winner will rcv. a date or a fig with Lee Van Leer.                                                           


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