Saturday, January 29, 2011

Fine! FUN!

Fri. Feb. 28 exemplified how enjoyable weekend musical Events are at Danny Green's
Billiards & Bar. ~ In addition to my descr' in the previous post, let me say that
despite the members of "Jo Rockhead" having come from their day jobs, they put on a
show that was visually as well as audibly energetic, and NO, these were seasoned
veterans, not under-30's. ~ Fine lead vocals from guitarist Tony Oldland proved that "Jo R." isn't a "univox" entity, as Tony & Joanna complemented one another with
right-on! vocal harmonies. ~ Andy Ray Fong played most of the guitar leads and, well,
GollyWao!! ~ Bassist Keith Kayel posed, danced & POGO'D right through to the 2-song
encore, and younger bro Dave hit the kit right 'n' tight! I conclude "Ooh, what a
night! ======MOST SPECIAL PRAISE HERE to our hostess Maureen for, well, everything!
including MMMM! chicken & fresh salad veggies & tomatoes on a whole wheat pita --
NOT your typical greasy pub fare, though "fried stuff" is often available, too. Let
me sing "I Thank You"======


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