Saturday, April 7, 2012

Knights of the Sound Table: Get Up!

Fax & Falsies, uh, I mean,
FACTS and FALLACIES about (the) Soul Instigators:
The band does NOT tour in a Cadillac ambulance. ~~ (Some members of) the band own many Peavey amps and speakers. ~~ The band does NOT mic a tambourine through a Leslie. ~~ The band STILL has no female vocalist. ~~ Lee Van Leer does NOT raise chickens on an apartment balcony. ~~ cursor: pointer; cursor:hand;width; Wha? ~~ The band has NEVER performed south of Hwy. #5 (Danforth Ave.),
though Van Leer did, once. The band did NOT release a single called "On The Qwerty".

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