Thursday, January 31, 2013

PLEASE visit Toronto Craigslist - Musical Instruments for sale by Owner. Search "Leslie" @ $275.

   The modded Leslie shown in this post was SOLD March 21st -- Thank you, Ryan B.! Craigslist ad for it has been deleted... HOWEVER, it's slightly larger "cousin" is for sale, also $275. Pls see Craigslist Toronto ad #3719684160, thank you.

   Unlikely   item: A Hammond C-3 organ serial # plate, still attached to a small piece of hardwood
(about 4"x5") For Hammond tonewheel fans, this might be a coffee table ornament or a paperweight. First ca$h offer over $11 takes it. READ
 MORE about it in Craigslist Toronto ad #3662542774.

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