Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Van Leer Logo Anniversary UPDATE!

In August, the glorious triangular Lee Van Leer logo will celebrate its 28th anniversary. ~~  We ARE participating in a 5-band  Event to celebrate this occasion!
It will be held at Melange, 172 Main St. @ Gerrard St. E. on Saturday, September 7th. Start time: 7-ish p.m., but Van Leer will take the stage @ nine-ish for a 55-minute Showcase Set.  ~~  Why not in August? Bcuz  we are
on hiatus from live gigging while we lay down tracks for our long-awaited
SECOND CD, titled "Sawing Through Bone". When u finally see the cover
art, you'll be relieved that there's NO blood, gore or "creepy-ness" involved.
  Another reason for the September date: If we WAIT 'til AFTER Labour Day,
we feel that MORE of you will be able to attend. (Here's hoping -- please spread the word, thank you!)


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  2. We are told that the black T-shirts with our proud yellow Logo will be available from July 6th on. ~ The Logo Anniversary Party will be at
    Melange FRIDAY SEPT. 6th bcuz o'wise in July-Aug.- Sept. we're
    on hiatus from live Events due to our RECORDING PROJECT. ~~~ T-shirt, M/L/XL $15, but T-shirt plus "Thumbs Up!" CD package is
    $20 -- Wao! a SEVEN-dollar savings!