Tuesday, July 15, 2014

In Newfoundland, it would seem, all lakes are called ponds, and in Wisconsin all ponds are called lakes


  1. A possible high point of our August 2nd Event just MIGHT be: Carbon Dating vs. Cartoon Dating: A Discussion Of The Relative Merits Of Each. ~~ but then again, you might just prefer that we concentrate on THE MUSIC!

  2. Sing: When my grey moon turns to black again
    I'll be flapping and squawking like a hen.
    When Eclipse blacks out its light
    I'll still be quite alright
    When my grey moon turns to black again.
    (dot net)

  3. 1) The Neglected Works Of Merrill Fankhauser ~~ 2) Morley effects pedals ~~ 3) the bee, the bonnet.

  4. ...and oh, yeah, some "surf" bands had a tenor sax.