Thursday, August 7, 2014


  Well, due to budget constraints, for now my debut film Sun Red Sun is going to be a Short.  ~~  Plot summation: 60-ft. creature emerges from Lake Ontario at the foot of Woodbine Ave. in Toronto. The creature approaches an empty, idling TTC bus from the rear and attempts to devour it. Choking on diesel exhaust smoke, creature passes out.  Bold but foolhardy boys empty
their 'water cannons' (Super Soakers?) into creature's face. Creature revives (barely) and staggers back into the Great Lake. No person or animal is harmed, but a park bench is totally flattened. ~ The End. ~

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  1. "Ronnie Masturbofski" plays his "parts Jazzmaster" SOLO. (so-lo that no-one can hear it) due to NO amplifier.
    He's basically drowned out by crashing waves and nearby passing traffic. Surf's up! u turkeys! ~ Ah, focit. Let's Build A Car!