Thursday, March 26, 2015

About: A musical evening of GREAT FUN!

   Greetings!, friends, fans, followers
and "newcomers", 

BE SAFE, BE WELL!! ! ~  2015-04-01 was  !The NEW BEST! "TapinJam" Wednesday at
(the post-renovation) Melange, 172 Main St. @ Gerrard St. E. ~Those of you who couldn't make it MISSED a"supercustomdeluxe!" one, but you've already read all the joyous details in the 'White Rectangle' [GTA Schedule], right?


  1. Son "Doni" & most special "Rhonda"(and your, start watching here for the next few weeks.
    ~ BTW, TapinJam Wednesdays @ Melange have been
    EXTENDED thru to WEDNESDAY, JUNE 24th. ~ A post
    in "the white rectangle" of this site will tell LOTS about
    these Wednesdays, w' Big Ups to: Mr. & Mrs. Aubin C.,
    "Scar-Bro Pete", drummer Zoe Scott, and 'newcomer'
    Soul Instigators ROB ROSS & Brian Pickard (!!!)

  2. Hey, DC & Carol Cain "THE" text is buried here somewhere -- it flashed momentarily before me as i
    (Published?) the previous Comment. ~~ SOON there'll be
    a Zoey Scott & Rob Ross WEEK, dedicated by ME, Lee John. ~~~ Dunno who THESE Cains are?? Pls
    (sing "GO NOW" LOL) to.... ta-daa!: D'Arcy J.M. Cain.
    Happy Warning: Pls. BOOKMARK their Links/Sites;
    bcuz u'll have DAAAYS of reading.~ BIG HUGS &..
    a Ca$h bonus in mid-April 2U, D'Arcy! and Carol Cain.