Saturday, June 6, 2015

June 12th: On this day at Manny's Metropole Cafe', "Sillysal" invented ONION RINGS.

And Gord saw that it was good, and ordered onion rings for himself, his wife Mairi and his two children Kayl & Sue, and there was pizza 'n the valley.
Batter up!


  1. ...and here we saw many strange sights including the boiling of white rice four feet above the ground in no visible vessel.

  2. Also we saw a very pale, black-eyed humanoid riding on a huumnistastos which loped across the plain in great long strides. We followed the beast and rider to a large area where humanoids similar to "the rider" were assembling what appeared to be replicas of the original 60-HP Ford V-8 engine. There was no testing facility nor traces of gasoline.

  3. ...and my favourite game bird is Handmother's Grouse.