Monday, February 1, 2010

Fri.Feb. 5 is my surgery day: total L. hip replacemt.

I'm lkg. 4ward 2it, tho' 1st 2 wks.= chronic pain, but apparently not a baaad kind of
pain. I'll be in hosp. for 8 to 10 days, I've been assured. I like that better than the 5 days that they often turf u out after! Typical recuperation period is 6 wks., after which the patient can usually drive cars & do quite a few other "normal-type"
things. I wonder when I'll be able to stop using my cane! ~ By Mar. 19 I HOPE to be able to resume gigging with The Muddy Guys and the seldom-seen Van Leer (band). I DO
KNOW that during the recupe' period I am warned against long periods of SITTING,
therefore no rehearsals and no computer "marathons". ~ Next post wont be 'til Feb. 16
or later, my frieds, so BE WELL. LVL

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