Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Greetings, friends and fans. 2010/01/16

L.Hip replacemt surgery and its immed. aftermath have gone v. well & w/out incident.
Pain level decreases every day & some days my hip gives me hours of NO PAIN AT ALL, yay! Mercifully , I've bn granted 6 MONTHS of WheelTrans eligibility (sigh of relief.)and in buses & vans f'sure from 2moro on, bcuz riding in a sedan w/ my raised seat cuhion is just total discomfort. Grr! ~ Until late, late Mar.2010, The Place to buy the Van Leer CD "Thumbs Up" wl be ENCORE MUSIC EXCHANGE, 40 Danforth ROAD, beside the Dairy Queen. There's street & DQ parking. U shd CALL 1st, (416) 691-2686, Noon-5:50pm Mon-Fri, & 11am- 4:50 p.m. Sat. as CD r runn'g v. low over there & might not get re-stocked 'til April 28 or later(sorry 'bout that!) ~ Lotsa cool stuff at E.M.E., fairly priced, including "real" USA Gibson & Fender (used), Ibanez,'80s MIJ Fender & so much more,
incl. a vintage ('59? early 60's) big-face elec. alarm clock, works great, and has bn a prop in a movie & a TV show. $35 firm. Wao! ~ Enuf sitting. Must lie down 4 a bit. Thanks 4 reading/following. Yours in Music, Lee

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