Sunday, April 14, 2013

Random Ramblings

A bunch of us attended Jon Long's B'day party @ the Black Swan & it was FINE FUN. Apparently it started around 1 p.m. We landed just B4 9 p.m. Heard Cathy Young, still in full, fine voice. Re-connected w/ Lyn Mantle, whose at last getting back into gigging. I hope we see much more of her on
local stages. Many bands played -- short sets of 4-5 tunes. One "guitar virtuoso" power trio got up & did ONE blazing instrumental, thanked the audience and stepped down. Duh, gawrsh, Mickey! ~ Only vocal harmony I
heard all evg. was from a trio doing Bob Marley reggae. The drummer was the 2nd voice. I didn't catch their name but they were GOOD! ~ My vote for strangest food fight would be: Sherri & I SPITTING CHICK PEAS at one another. Yes, my darling was... intoxicated! And I was just in High Silliness
mode. ~ Unanswered Question of the week: Back when he was plain ol'
John Feeny, did Lee Van Leer play on the Feral Katz album? I'm told that this gem fetches around $200 USD per copy in v. good condition. I'll bet that YOU
don't have a copy -- I don't! ~ Attached jpg: two tens and a horn: that'll

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  1. Depending where you live, this frozen treat (not shown) is called
    either Slush, Slushie or Italian Ice.