Friday, December 18, 2015

Botanists discover a new variety of onion!

Named the Fairford-Gratz-Blooie after its discoverers, the onion, discovered in a "garden gone wild" behind an abandoned mansion in Kentucky,. often grows to a diameter of 4". (Wao!)  ~ We'll be serving a few of them grilled, with or without hot sauce, at the 22nd Annual Beaches Blues Fest at Your Ward News, 163 Main St. @ Gerrard St. E. on Saturday, Dec. 19th. Arrive soon afterr 6:30 pm for best seats! Live music starts at 7:30 pm. C U there!


  1. Too many abandoned mansions, too little money!

  2. Grizzly & black bears amble through Kitsault, B.C. The handful of residents offer the bears home-made pizza slices.