Tuesday, December 25, 2012

EXCLUSIVE! to Van Leer website!

Four "grey" aliens traveling in a late '50s sedan  trying to look inconspicuous!
  What a great start to the 2012-13  Winter! Man! Don't the "greys' look like a
middle-aged bunch of Caucasian "rockers"? I surely think so! And you thought only reptilians could  'shape-shift'! ~ The "greys" 4sure blew it with the CAR, though --
that 3-tone sedan doesn't look inconspicuous AT ALL!


  1. Don't take life so serious, folks. It ain't NOHOW permanent!

  2. Apparently the 'set' by the disguised greys was a WICKED parody of a hockey game between Poland and North Korea, with the Koreans portrayed as deadly earnest yet somehow clueless. Much passing but little shooting ensued. Let's just say, YOU HAD TO BE THERE!