Thursday, December 27, 2012

I saw a CRAFT last night.

It was on a trailer, towed by a big SUV and was kind-of SHIP-shaped. It was open, w/ a big wraparound windshield, so I'm pretty sure that it was man-made, maybe
 from the 1960s or '70s. Why it was being transported overland at this time of year, I have NO IDEA, but pojgfy pojr [poth] hmmdfl immn prahh kjner linf O-trap hilim


  1. Horsemis dabas urr,& if not, WHY not? sll.

  2. Which followed me for about a kilometer, then...

  3. BTW, FireFox was NOT the name of a classic 'muscle car'. It MIGHT
    be the name of an ungainly, rotten-handling modded Audi Fox
    powered by a 455 c. i. Pontiac mill: It MIGHT drive O.K. in a straight line. Drag, anyone?